What if? Other Teams Jerseys As Phoenix Suns Jersey

What if the Phoenix Suns would release jerseys in their own colors of other teams such as the Celtics or Grizzlies. Twitter user @FenixFits has done just that with designing the following Suns Jersey concepts. We will feature 4 of his so far 15 designed jerseys today.

Atlanta Hawks 1982-1992 Away

The Atlanta Hawks 1982-1992 Away Jersey is arguably one of the most iconic shirts in basketball history. It certainly makes out a good look in the colors of the Valley.

Denver Nuggets 1989-93 Away Jersey

The Denver Nuggets' 1989-93 Away Jersey serves as a powerful testament to the team's bond with the state of Colorado. It is reminding fans of the pride and passion that define the Denver Nuggets. It also looks really well in the Suns‘ edition.

Houston Rockets 2001-02 Away Jersey

The Houston Rockets 2001-2002 Away Jersey is one of the most unique jersey designs in NBA history. It certainly also fits really well for the Phoenix Suns.

Los Angeles Clippers 1989-00 Away Jersey

The Los Angeles Clippers 1989-00 Away Jersey is featruing the iconic Clippers wordmark on the chest and would certainly make a good impression in Phoenix colors.