All-New Utah Jazz Jerseys Unveiled - To Be Phased in Over Next Two Seasons

The Utah Jazz have unveiled their new uniforms and an expanded color palette influenced by the concept of "Mountain Basketball," a philosophy deeply rooted in Utah's culture and landscape since 1979. The new colors—Mountain Purple, Midnight Black, and Sky Blue—will be featured prominently in the team's uniforms over the next two seasons.

"Our branding will always be an iterative process as we, our fanbase, and the game of basketball continue to grow," said Ryan Smith, governor of the Utah Jazz. "It’s clear that Mountain Basketball and purple are at the soul of Utah and the Jazz, and we’re excited to share with our community what they have to look forward to.”

During the 2024-25 season, the Utah Jazz will sport four uniforms: two new designs and two existing ones. They will continue to wear the current white Association Edition jersey, featuring a black Jazz Note centerpiece and yellow detail, throughout the season. The black Statement Edition jersey with yellow UTAH letters will be used until December 2024, after which it will transition to a new black Statement Edition uniform in the Mountain Basketball color palette from January 2025. Additionally, the 2024 City Edition uniform will showcase a refreshed purple mountain design and be worn throughout the season.

By the 2025-26 season, the full influence of Mountain Basketball will be evident. The Jazz will introduce a new primary white Association Edition uniform and a new purple Icon Edition uniform. These will complement the black Statement Edition uniform introduced earlier in January 2025, completing the team's updated look.