Southeast Division: Inspiration Behind 2022-23 City Jerseys

Following the articles about the Atlantic and Central Division, today the inspiration behind the city unis of the Southeast Division will be brought to you. Thanks to @camisasdanba.

Atlanta Hawks

Georgia is the largest US peach exporter. The peach tree takes 3 years from seed to fruit, so the Hawks released their uniform exactly 3 seasons after the City Jersey that honored the city’s iconic Peachtree Street.

Charlotte Hornets

The uniforms gold celebrates the Carolina Gold Rush of the early 1800s. Written on the chest, “CLT“ is the local airport code of Charlotte airport, and an often used acronym for the city of Charlotte.

Miami Heat

The letters M I A M I were adapted from other Jerseys and logos the Heat have used throughout their history, going even back to the Floridians' days at the ABA. However, it’s just last years uniform with the predominant color being white not black.

Orlando Magic

The Magic went with the teams iconic pinstripes in dark blue on a black base. Deeper inspiration behind this jersey couldn’t be found.

Washington Wizards

The jersey pays tribute to the city’s iconic cherry blossoms.

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