Atlantic Division: Inspiration Behind 2022-23 City Edition Jerseys

The Atlantic Division marks the start of the 6 parted series of giving the inspiration behind every new 22-23 City uniform. @camisasdanba

Boston Celtics

Starting of with the Celtics, the shirt is honoring Bill Russell who unfortunately passed away earlier this year. Running down the sites are 11 diamonds marking the 11 championships he’s won during his active career in Boston.

Brooklyn Nets

Coming up next are the Nets, whose shirt once again honors Jean-Michel Basquiat. It has the same design as the 2020-2021 City Jersey. On the chest the jersey features a “BKLYN NETS“ writing that imitates his signature.

New York Knicks

The Knicks Jersey has been once again designed by KITH. The uniforms orange details are reminiscent of the late 90s, and features the partnerships unique “NIKE x NYC“ on the chest.

Philadelphia 76ers

Philadelphia is known as “City of Brotherly Love“.

phileo“ = love

adelphos“ = brother

The logo on the chest in classic style explains the city's ancient passion for basketball.

Toronto Raptors

The shirt brings a texture of geometric shapes that takes reference to the 6 boroughs of Toronto. The word NORTH is written on the neck and on the sleeves in several languages.