Same Design As Football Kit: Bayern Basketball 22-23 Away Jersey Released

The Bayern Basketball team have recently released their 22-23 away jersey for the public, and it is no surprise how it looks.

Bayern 22-23 Basketball Away Uniform

The Bayern 22-23 basketball away jersey has the same design as the football team's away kit.

The Bayern Basketball 22-23 away jersey is white with golden logos. The main differences between the basketball and football jerseys are the sponsors and the placement of the 3 stripes, which are placed on the side of the basketball jersey. Instead of the Telekom sponsor, it has the main sponsor logo of Sigmund.

Bayern's Basketball team also just has one star. The logo material is also different, as the close-ups reveal. The basketball jersey has a standard plastic material, while the football kit has a more pleasurable 3d logo style.

The authentic version of the Bayern Basketball 22-23 away jersey is available for purchase in the club's official online store for 90 Euro.