NBA Brings Back Snowflake Christmas Day Badges

The NBA has decided to bring back the beloved snowflake badges for their Christmas matches in 2023. These badges, which were last seen during the 2017 Christmas matches, were placed on the back under the collar of all teams' jerseys.

NBA Brings Back Snowflake Christmas Day Badges for 2023

The NBA Christmas Snowflake badge showcases the NBA logo with a white snowflake in the background, making for a festive addition to the player's uniforms.

The special NBA logo featuring a snowflake for the holiday was first introduced in 2008 and became a staple of the Christmas games. From 2012 to 2016, teams even had special Christmas jerseys. Teams having Christmas uniforms stopped after Nike became the league's supplier in 2017.

A thing of the past? NBA teams wore Christmas jerseys from 2012 until 2016

The Christmas badges have made a comeback, raising hopes for the return of Christmas jerseys. Though many fans would love to have them back, we are unaware of any plans from Nike at the moment.