Worst Rated in NBA: Utah Jazz Already Considering New Jerseys After 5 Months

Just five months after unveiling the current, highly controversial set, it looks like the Utah Jazz are already considering new designs.

According to an article in the Salt Lake Tribute, reported by SportsLogos.Net, the Jazz are in the process of conducting fan polls about potential new jerseys.

The process involves voting on a series of uniforms and color schemes the team has created. Fans will be shown images on an iPad, giving each a 1-10 rating. There’s no way for fans to sign up to take the survey, nor will fans be allowed to take photos or screenshots of the new designs. The surveys are randomized and show different jersey variations to different fans. - via Salt Lake Tribute

The current Utah Jazz set of jerseys was revealed just a few months ago, in early June, as part of a wider rebrand. Even then it was noticeable that the club was not all too convinced on the garish Association, Icon and Statement jerseys, which had received harsh criticism following leaks and already before being made official. The focus during the launch was on the purple Classic uniform, which was reportedly a last-minute addition and is essentially a re-issue of the 2019-20 design.

The three primary jerseys are famously the worst-rated among all 2022-23 NBA jerseys on this site.

“The data showed that purple was the No. 1 purchase online, and then when people got into the store, it was black and yellow, which was interesting. Look, it’s an evolution. Brands are going to evolve. There’s probably a fair argument we went a little too clean. OK. But it will evolve,” stated Jazz owner Ryan Smith.