What if: Steph Curry Wears Other Teams' NBA Jerseys

TikTok user @kingjamesnba created a video showing mock-ups of NBA player Steph Curry wearing jerseys for teams which he never played at. He was drafted at 7th by the Warriors in 2009 and he has always been playing for the same team since then.

Atlanta Hawks 2020-23 Statement

Boston Celtics 2017-23 Icon

Brooklyn Nets 2017-23 Icon

Philadelphia 76ers 2021-22 City

Phoenix Suns 2022-23 City

Los Angeles Lakers 2017-23 Association

Milwaukee Bucks 2019-20 City

We will probably never see Steph Curry play for an other team than the Warriors in the future, but this mock-up has shown us a potential look at which jerseys from whichever franchise suit him the best.