Same Design as FC Barcelona 22-23 4th Kit - Barcelona Bàsquet 22-23 4th Jersey Released

Following the release of the FC Barcelona 4th Jersey on Friday, Barcelona Bàsquet have released their 4th jersey this morning.

Barcelona Bàsquet 22-23 4th Jersey

The Barcelona Bàsquet 22-23 Fourth Jersey features the same design as the newly released football fourth jersey. The jerseys' main color is yellow. Four horizontal stripes in red are located on the chest. The "Nike" Logo is underneath the Barça logo on the right chest and is blue. Overall, the design is reminiscent of the "Senyera" flag.

Comparison: Football kit vs Basketball Jersey

At first glance, both jerseys look very similar. When you take another look, you may notice some differences as for example the sponsor (Assistência Sanitária vs Spotify), or the different placement of the Nike and Barça logos.

Barcelona Bàsquet will wear the jersey for the first time tonight against Girona.