Phoenix Suns 2022-23 Classic Edition Jersey Debuted


A few days ago, the Phoenix Suns debuted their new 2022-23 Classic Edition Jersey in a spectacular 134-105 against the Golden State Warriors.

Today the Phoenix Suns unveiled their new Classic Edition Jersey for the 2022-23 season. The jersey is a remake of the iconic shirt from 30 years ago.

It's one of the most iconic jerseys to be ever designed.

Phoenix Suns 2022-23 Classic Jersey

The jersey is predominantly purple, with the detailing being in orange, white, and black. The classic Nike swoosh on the right chest is white. In 1992, the Phoenix Suns got their first rebranding in 20 years bringing the team's iconic sunburst design design that lays on the chest of this uniform.

The success with the uniform in the first season makes it definitely more iconic. They've finished the season with an overall record of 62-20 and came all the way through the playoffs to the NBA finals. However, they lost the NBA Finals against the Bulls 2-4.

The new uniforms are now available to buy.