NBA Ban Cream-colored Jerseys

A few hours ago @UniWatch shared up with an interesting story about why we haven't seen the Milwaukee Bucks launching any cream-colored jerseys recently.

CMO of the Milwaukee Bucks, Dustin Godsey, opened up about this story only recently. The Milwaukee Bucks have released cream-colored City Edition Jerseys in the past years, but we won’t see any in the near future.

According to Godsey, “teams can’t wear cream anymore because it interferes with the digital ads that are placed on the court in broadcast due to the uniforms being so close to the color of the wood that is keyed out in the process.”

This was first noticed during a game against the Houston Rockets during lockdown, which was when the NBA first utilized digital on-court ads - picture via @UniWatch.

It is definitely sad to see that we won’t see any cream-colored jerseys anymore, both because they were quite unique and because they were pretty popular among the NBA jersey community.